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· Easiest to Use!

· Free Technical Support!

· No Annual Maintenance Fees!

· Show which bidders are leading by displaying a colorized plat map!

· Display the amounts non-leading bidders must bid to reclaim the lead using the optional “To Lead” column!

· XP/Vista/Windows 7 compatible!

· Change bid method  (per acre or total dollars) in the middle of an auction!

· Display three screens simultaneously!

· Will work alongside your existing clerking software!

· Use our optional Wireless/Remote software to network up to 15 remote computers, all linked into the same auction!

· Used by auctioneers since 1991!




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Version 6 with PlatTrackerTM Plus



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The most trusted name in multi-parcel auction software

Customer Testimonial:

“I had other software for [two years] and was never comfortable enough to use it.  After about 30 minutes with your tutorials I had it!!!!  Light bulbs were going off in every direction.  The PlatTracker Plus is AMAZING!!!”


Michael Gooch

Winchester, KY